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evexikivololi 25.05.2012 | 07:12
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The opposite of love isn¡¯t hate, it¡¯s apathy. When you hate, you¡¯re still polarized, but when you¡¯re apathetic you can¡¯t even get yourself to care enough to hate, much less love.

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The secondary principles of personal atrophy are Separation, Timidity and Submission.

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The six principles of personal atrophy in their totality become foolishness. Whereas moving towards Truth, Love and Power is a more intelligent way to live your life, moving towards Falsehood, Apathy and Powerlessness is a foolish way to spend it.

Personal Development Vs. Personal Atrophy
I¡¯m not looking to add on to Steve¡¯s <a href=>Louis Vuitton</a>
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I offer the principles of personal atrophy as food for thought, and whereas the seven core principles of personal development are a good gauge to aim for, the seven core principles of personal atrophy can serve as warning signs to tell you where you don¡¯t want to go.

P.S. By the way, I didn¡¯t consult The Steve when I made this¡­I wonder if I nailed it. What do you think?

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