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And as the morning got going in Queens, it would of course be Edith who provided perhaps the best picture of why the Condi story was just so wrong.Those of a certain age, who remember "All In the Family" and the ripples that it made all across American culture in the 1970¡äs when it first came on; will remember this. And maybe there are those who could pick it up in the reruns should you be fortunate enough to watch these two master artists do their work. I can¡¯t point to a specific episode, maybe someone who reads this can and leave a description in this blogs comments.
Connecting Condi to Edith Bunker.Just like Cher or Charo, she only needs one name. Condi Bursting unto the stage of global foreign policy, black stiletto heels: tight, black leather power outfit. Dominatrix style. She cuts quite a dashing figure, if you read a lot of comic books.

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