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September 29th & 30th 2012
Welcome to Beautiful Naples, NY...
Home of the Naples Grape Festival
Proudly presented by the Naples Rotary Club
Since 1961, the grape festival is held every September in our valley to celebrate the areas grape harvest, talented artisans, wine makers, local and regional music and cuisine.

Vineyards overlooking Canandaigua Lake

Associate Your Business with the Best!

Use the exposure we receive as the #1 Festival in Ontario County to get your message to 1000?s of visitors in our beautiful valley. Learn more...

2012 Naples Grape Festival
September 29th-30th

The Naples Grape Festival will be held at the Naples High School Grounds and across the street at Memorial Town Hall from 10am till 5pm, rain or shine.

Enjoy wine, food, arts, crafts and local/regional music. Bake a pie for the World's Greatest Grape Pie Contest and sample every thing "grape" that our valley has to offer.

Fine Arts & Crafts
Grape Pie Contest
Wine Tasting Tent
Parking & Traffic

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Naples Grape Festival &middot; P.O. Box 70, Naples, NY 14512 &middot; &middot;

?2011 Naples Grape Festival. All Rights Reserved.

Web Design & Hosting by The Gain Company

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