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Related Research Interests Roman archaeology
1,834 Roman History
1,463 Roman Empire
220 Roman architecture (Archaeology)
378 Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor
217 Roman Art and Archaeology (Archaeology)
306 Architectural History
1,176 Rome, City of
78 Archaeology Of Architecture
463 Architecture and public spaces (Architecture)
621 Architectural Theory
741 Topography of Ancient Rome (Archaeology)
143 Architecture
12,179 Archaeology
16,210 Classical Archaeology
2,526 Greek Archaeology
849 Greek History
429 Roman Gaul
39 Rome (History)
22 13<p>Presenze archeologiche nell'isolato di Palazzo Volpiby Marina Marcellipublished in C. Strinati (a cura di), "Palazzo Volpi alle Quattro Fontane", Roma 1991, pp. 31-36Ancient Rome, Archaeological Excavation, Topography of Ancient Rome (Archaeology), Roman archaeology, Rome, City of, Republican Rome, Archeology, Urban archaeology, and Imperial Rome Download (.pdf) (2254kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 18<p>Aqua Claudia: Da Roma Vecchia al Tavolato, Tor Fiscale, Presso porta Furba, Fra Horti Variani e Porta Maggiore, Porta Maggiore; Aqua Antoninianaby Marina Marcellipublished in S. Le Pera Buranelli, R. Turchetti (a cura di), I giganti dell¡¯acqua, acquedotti romani del Lazio nelle fotografie di Thomas Ashby (1892-1925), Roma 2007, pp. 136-142, 153-156, 211-214.Catalogue of an exhibition of photographs of Thomas Ashby, held at The British School at Rome, Rome, Italy, Oct. 4-Nov. 6, 2007.Aqueducts, Topography of Ancient Rome (Archaeology), Ancient Water Technology, Archaeology, Roman archaeology, Roman architecture (Archaeology), Documentary Photography, Archaeological photography, Classical Archaeology, Imperial Rome, and Greek and Roman art and architecture, cultural history of the Ancient world Download (.pdf) (63980kb)Quick viewView on Share Facebook Twitter 46<p>Regional trajectories in the growth of Roman maritime infrastructureby Katia SchorleRegional trajectories in the growth of Roman maritime infrastructure by Damian Robinson, Candace Rice and Katia Sch?rle RAC 2012 - To be published in JRA Supplements more info soon.The Roman period witnesses an enormous growth in both the construction de novo and the redevelopment of ports and their associated infrastructure. While much focus has been placed on large-scale ports such as Portus and Caesarea Maritima...Maritime Archaeology, Roman archaeology, Imperial Rome, Topography of Ancient Rome (Archaeology), Roman Gaul, History of the Mediterranean, and Ports and Harbours Share Facebook Twitter 13<p>The Roman Invasions of Germania Magna: Trial and Error in Augustus' German Policyby James MitchellImperial RomeView on Share Facebook Twitter 6<p>Poison: Nature's Argument for the Roman Empire in Pliny the Elder's Naturalis Historiaby Molly Jones-LewisForthcoming in CW. The contract is signed and I'm just waiting for the release date.Abstract: In Pliny the Elder's Naturalis Historia poisonous plants and animals are intimately associated with their countries of origin. Moreover, Pliny often focuses on those poisonous substances found in lands where Rome had carried...Pontic Kingdom, Mithradates, Cleopatra VII, Pliny the Elder, Colonialism, Imperialism, Empire, Imperial Rome, History of Imperialism, History of Natural History, Natural History, Poison Plants, and Ancient Medicine Share Facebook Twitter 131<p>Visibility and Violence in Petitions From Roman Egyptby Ari BryenPapyrology, Violence, Anthropology of the Body, and Imperial Rome Download (.pdf) (337kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 232<p>Judging Empire: Courts and Culture in Rome's Eastern Provincesby Ari BryenCourts, Imperial Rome, Roman History, Law, Violence, Graeco-Roman Egypt, Roman Empire, and Roman provinces Download (.pdf) (365kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 171<p>Tradition, Precedent, and Power in Roman Egyptby Ari BryenPapyrology, Courts, Egyptian History, Women's History, Law, Imperial Rome, and Judicial Precedent Download (.pdf) (160kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 266<p>Call for abstracts/Imperialism and Identities - newsby Marko JankovicRoman archaeology, Roman History, Roman Army, Roman Art and Archaeology (Archaeology), Archaeology Of Colonialism (in Archaeology/Historical Archaeology), Archaeology of Identity, Roman imperialism, Roman North Africa (Archaeology), Roman Britain and Europe, Roman Britain, Roman Empire, Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor, Roman epigraphy, Archaeology of Roman Pannonia, Roman Dacia, Archaeology of Roman Hispania, Postcolonial Studies, Postcolonial Archaeology, Social Archaeology, Roman Provincial Archaeology, Roman Settlement, Roman burial practices, and Imperial Rome Download (.pdf) (114kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 11<p>Patria Potestas and the stereotype of the Roman familyby Scott O'HaraAncient History, Social History, Imperial Rome, Rome (History), and Patriarchy Share Facebook Twitter 10<p>Le r?le des pr¨¦toriens dans les changements d'empereurs de Tib¨¨re ¨¤ Pertinaxby S¨¦bastien ChazaudM¨¦moire de masterCe travail ¨¦tudie le r?le jou¨¦ par les pr¨¦toriens durant les changements d¡¯empereurs de Tib¨¨re ¨¤ Pertinax, c¡¯est-¨¤-dire depuis leur regroupement dans un camp unique jusqu¡¯¨¤ un ¨¦pisode qui voit la garde se vendre au plus offrant, pr¨¨s de...The Praetorian Guard, Roman History, and Imperial RomeView on Share Facebook Twitter 501<p>The city of Rome in late imperial ideology: The Tetrarchs, Maxentius and Constantineby Olivier HeksterPublished in Mediterraneo Antico 2 (1999), 717-748Rome, Constantine, Maxentius, Constantine, and Imperial Rome Download (.pdf) (195kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 1<p>Imperial Spaces: I, Claudius and Constructing The Eternal City at White Cityby Douglas McNaughtonPresented at MeCCSA-PGN conference, Glasgow, 31 June-1 July 2010I, Claudius (BBC 1976) has long been considered a monument of British television drama, currently number 12 in the BFI¡¯s TV Top 100 list (BFI 2009). Drawing on archival material and an original interview with director Herbert Wise, this...Television Drama, Film Adaptation, and Imperial Rome Share Facebook Twitter 50<p>Obrz?dy pogrzebowe we wczesnochrze?cija¨½skich katakumbach w Rzymie <in>] Tarczy¨½ska O.(eds.) (2008) Oblicza ?mierci. Perspektywy badawcze, Pozna¨½: Ko?o Naukowe Student¨®w Archeologii Instytut Prahistorii UAM, pp. 277-243 by Julia ChylaCo-authored with Paula Jaszczo?tEarly Christianity, Imperial Rome, Rome, City of, and Catacombs of Rome Download (.pdf) (1082kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 626<p>Luigi Moretti al Foro Mussolini: la palestra del duce e altri Piero Cimbolli SpagnesiIn: Luigi Moretti architetto del Novecento. Atti del convegno di Roma (24-26 settembre 2009), a cura di C. Bozzoni, D. Fonti A. Muntoni, Roma, Gangemi, pp. 331-338. ISBN 978-88-492-2200-5Architectural History, Architecture, Architectural Theory, Fascism, Fascism and Modernism, Fascism and Classical Antiquity, Italian fascism, Social and Cultural History, Comparative History, Central and Southeast Europe, Italy, First World War, Memory studies, Nationalism, Fascism, Gender Studies, Oral history, Fascist Architecture & Art, Fascist Italy, Comparative Fascism; Intellectual Origins of Fascism, Cultural policy under Fascism, Italian Studies, Italian (European History), Early Modern Italy, Modern Italian History, Fascism, Mussolini, Rome, urban planning, Brasini, Piacentini, Terragni, myth of Rome, Imperial Rome, Rome, City of, Rome (History), Urbanism of Rome, Rome and Foreign Interactions, Archaeological Method & Theory, Archaeology Of Architecture, Architecture and public spaces (Architecture), Architectural Education, Roman architecture (Archaeology), Modern Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Architectural Heritage, and Architecture and politics Download (.pdf) (2274kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 70<p>Falling Stars and Rising Smoke: Imperial Apotheosis and Idolatry in Robyn Whitakerin M. Labahn & O. Lehtipuu (ed.) "Imagery in the Book of Revelation" Peeters, Leuven, 2011.Book of Revelation, Funeral Practices, and Imperial Rome Download (.pdf) (590kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 405<p>Geografia architettonica dell¡¯antica Colchide fino al primo secolo d. C. <Architectural>Geography of Ancient Colchis up to the I Century A.D.]by Piero Cimbolli SpagnesiIn: Il vello d¡¯oro. Antichi tesori della Georgia. Catalogue of the exibition (Roma, 17 novembre - 5 febbraio 2012). T. D¡¯Acchille editor. Roma: Palombi; pp. 35-57, 147-156. ISBN 978-88-6060-383-8Greek Archaeology, Greek History, Ancient Greek Religion, Greek Myth, Ancient Greek Historiography, Roman archaeology, Roman History, Roman architecture (Archaeology), Roman Art and Archaeology (Archaeology), Roman Army, Roman Empire, Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor, South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), Caucasus, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural History, Architectural Theory, Architecture and public spaces (Architecture), Archaeology Of Architecture, Vernacular Architecture, Imperial Rome, History of Religion, Comparative Religion, Ancient Religion, Ancient myth and religion, Mythology, Classical Mythology, Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Funerary Archaeology, Sacred spaces and conservation, Military History, Roman military archaeology, Roman military history, Military Architecture, Athens, Kerameikos, Kerameikos site, Roman Frontiers (Archaeology), and Frontiers of the Roman Empire Download (.pdf) (8135kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 195<p>Grecit¨¤ augustee: architetture ateniesi al tempo di Vitruvio. <Augustan>Greek Characters: Athenian Architectures in the Age of Vitruvio]by Piero Cimbolli SpagnesiIn: Vitruvio nella cultura architettonica antica, medievale e moderna. Atti del convegno internazionale (Genova, 5-8 novembre 2001). G. Ciotta editor, with M. Folin and M. Spesso. Genova 2003. Vol. 1¡ã, pp. 115-123, 321-324.Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural History, Roman archaeology, Architectural Theory, Architecture and public spaces (Architecture), Archaeology Of Architecture, Roman architecture (Archaeology), - Architecture history, Roman Art and Archaeology (Archaeology), Imperial Rome, Roman History, Roman Empire, Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor, Greek Archaeology, Ancient Greek History, Greek History, Ancient Greek Religion, Roman Religion, Athens, Roman Athens, Athenian Agora, and Ancient Greek and Roman art Download (.pdf) (1520kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 173<p>Portable Goddesses: The Use and Significance of Pipeclay Figurines of Venus in the Northern Roman Provinces from the First-third Centuries CEby Cynthia DrakemanIron Age Gaul (Archaeology), Roman Gaul, Germania, Roman Britain, Celts (Archaeology), Celtic Archaeology, Celtic Studies, Venus, Mother Goddess, Cybele and Attis, Ceramics (Archaeology), Imperial Rome, Roman archaeology, Roman History, Gallo-roman archaeology, Archaeology of Germanic tribes (Roman period), Roman Religion, and Celtic religion Download (.pdf) (250kb)Quick view Share Facebook Twitter 29<p>Language and Culture in the Growth of Imperialismby Sharron GuThis book is going to be published by McFarland on March 2012.It studies the history of global aggression and expansion in the Greek, Roman, Islamic, British, Russian, and American empires. It presents imperialism as a cultural phenomenon rather than merely a military and economic expansion....Colonialism, Imperialism, Empire, British Imperial and Colonial History (1600 - ), Imperial History, Imperial Rome, History of Imperialism, Cultural Theory, and Cultural History Download (.doc) (44kb)Quick viewView on Share Facebook Twitter ¡û Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next ¡ú Log In or Email: Password: Remember me on this computer or reset password
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<a href=""><b> instyler</b></a>,<a href=""><b> instyler rotating iron</b></a>,at 0: 00 on August 8, 2: 6, armed police Zhouqu County squadron deputy squadron leader Wang Wei on the phone did not answer the phone, this 27-year old boy hearts forever pain.
That night, thunder and lightning enveloped the Zhouqu county, being a sudden large debris flows deeply hurting.
that moment, Wang Wei is leading an emergency transfer of the suspect five soldiers in Zhouqu County Detention Center.
phone, is the wife of Wang Wei Rong call.
as a dark and perilous night, a woman, a wife, the first thought is always his own man.
Unfortunately, in the muddy debris flow ruthless engulfed, his wife call the last phone of Wang Wei, in the boundless darkness, he did not receive!
Since then, the telephone, Wang Wei can no longer dial!
wife's phone is no longer able to get through

disaster has been a sign.
August 7, 23, 20, is Wang Wei and Rong calls when I heard the sky issue seems reinforced cement road friction-like ear-piercing sound.

In addition to these few simple dialogue, Wang Wei has not remember exactly what was said what, but aware of the situation dangerous, he hastily hung up the phone and immediately report to the squadron leadership. Then sounded a collection of emergency whistle, a collection of forces, counting the number of requirements per person to bring a raincoat and emergency lighting ready to respond to emergencies.
critical moment in the squadron for more than two years, Wang Wei, Zhouqu prone to geological disasters are more familiar with.
just 20 minutes after the flash floods in the county spread rapidly. Accordance with the plans, Wang Wei to bring the emergency forces immediately on the prison wall, guard and the transfer of criminal suspects.
torrent close to the prison wall roaring past. Detention center are only separated by a hills of the three village along with the bad news coming too late to catch my breath Wang Wei's heart suddenly mentioned throats: three in the village of large debris flows, a large area of?? houses were razed to the the ground.
Zhouqu County Detention Center is located in the county Luo Jia Yu, Rong and her parents and younger sister live in the three near the village of 923 forestry workers to family member courtyard.
Wang Wei quickly took out the phone: a missed call, his wife called.
Wang Wei quickly back to the past: unable to connect!
call, or unreasonable!
while saving lives.
floods everywhere Zhouqu, there is no road at all. Go forward a few steps, there will be extremely frightened of the people rushed in to, and hugged the officers and men cried request to save their families.
need rescued so many people! Wang Wei has already become the clay figurine, not wait for more long few arm!
morning, Wang Wei led troops have rescued 23 surviving masses.
through the city and the Bailongjiang to be debris flow instyler rotating hot iron blockage into a dammed lake, and out of Zhouqu road completely disrupted.
disaster emergency. The inspection work is being squadron detachment, political commissar of the command, Wang Wei, with five soldiers, from around ZhouQuXian the mountain as soon as possible to open a path, and guide the troops to come to the rescue.
in Zhouqu more than two years, Wang Wei has never climbed the mountains of these seemingly just around the corner, all the way to ask, all the way to touch the afternoon, they finally found a bumpy mountain road.
back and forth, do not chi straightener know how many times a run. Mud sandwiched stones, Wang Wei's feet, wear full Xuepao.
Subsequently, a rescue unit, moved into Zhouqu.
these two days, Wang Wei to lead soldiers has chi straightener been to be buried in the debris flow on the ruins of the three village mining personnel. 400 meters away, is the home of his wife, Rong, there are still bubbles in the mud among the residents in a few survived.
these two days, this The wife did not want it!
Although his heart how refused to recognize this frustration and the harsh reality.
rain kept aside that will never be able to pass the phone
in August 8,
many people no longer familiar with, but the day in instyler curling iron the story of Wang Wei, the couple had, should have a good memory: 2 years ago this day, the the Zhouqu masses to armed police squadron condolences to the officers and men, and good humor Rong and Wang Wei, sit together and chat, they first met, love at first sight.
However, this relentless catastrophe...

these days, Wang Wei often recalled the past, memories of his wife called his last call, that his heart will always regret the missed phone.
Rong Wang Wei, a small 2-year-old, the Zhouqu runs a cosmetic shop. January 6, 2010, they entered the marriage hall. A month ago, they have their own love of the crystal.
Wang Wei is now the most to fear the night. Eyes closed, as if you can see to Shen Zhaoshou his wife calling his name...

Wang Wei said, do not know these days is how to survive this, asked to see me, the wife it? feeling, twisted heart! flooded less than the place. After August 8 every year, he will be in that place, to give her to talk about his own mind...

the night of August 11, lightning, rumbling thunder and long resounded through the disaster Zhouqu the night sky.
torrential rain in this scarred land, Wang Wei once again pick up the phone to call that will never be able to dial the phone...

> relevant reports:

Zhouqu Public Security Bureau family instyler member courtyard two buildings collapsed more than 30 people were killed and missing

Zhouqu girls to find their parents to postpone medical care faced by the removal of necrotic muscle

Zhouqu a mother lifts the mud rescued 4-year-old son and 8 hours

Zhouqu caused chi hair straightener 1144 people were killed and 600 missing rescue 1243 people

Zhouqu emergency due to heavy rain to landslides disaster area drinking water.

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