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Southern Reporter Chen Yuewei dump trucks rolling down the moment, Wei is thrown the arms of the daughter, the daughter out of danger, but multiple abrasions not be affected much, the wheels of her own but was ran over, was seriously seriously injured. At press time, instyler rotating hot iron Wei is still not out of danger.
the incident last night around 8, the Sakata subway station next to a dump truck rolling down a chi flat iron mother and daughter. After the incident, instyler curling iron more than one hour the Bulong Road and Banxuegang, Avenue near the intersection is still a serious traffic jam. The junction of the right front wheel of a dump truck, car parked next to a pool of blood, blood on one of the children wear slippers.
was to open the dump truck, but Yang did not think his wife and daughter will be dump trucks rolling down. Yang last night received the wife phones Sakata subway station, then drove to pick her. Mr. Yang was driving the dump truck was not his own, he asked colleagues to drive another car waiting for him in the subway station next to the Sakata, the two transfer open.

last night around 8 pm, instyler rotating iron Mr. Yang came to the subway station, his colleagues, his wife and daughter all went to the scene, see colleagues on to the bike dump truck with his wife, Mr. Yang The women prepare to leave. At this point, colleagues driving dump truck suddenly started rolling down his wife and daughter of Mr. Yang.
According to an eyewitness said, Yang 's wife Wei is lying on the ground the moment, chi hair straightener the 4 - year - old daughter in chi hair straightener his arms thrown out, the girls dropped to the ground, who sustained multiple abrasions, but fortunately no okay. Young wife of lower body was bleeding profusely, the 120 arrived, she was rushed to hospital.
According to the driver said afterwards, it was getting dark, he did not noticed the car at both of them, so will the accident.
At press time, Young wife is still the hospital, not out of danger.
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