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Welcome to Malta Employers' Association
Web Portal
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Login Register Back Welcome note The role of the employer carries with it the burden of many responsibilities emanating from the employer-worker relationships within the company. These responsibilities entail such critically sensitive elements as employee relations, relations with government bodies and interpretation of legislation.

Regardless of whether the employer is a large corporation or a small office business, unless these elements are handled competently and professionally they can pose a serious threat of employee unrest, with its negative impact on the Company's performance and reputation.

In the volatile arenas of industrial relations and social policy, an employer requires immediate expert advice and effective action. It is clear that there is much advantage in fostering an organised unity between all employers. Through this unity comes individual strength.

This is the raison d'¨ºtre of the Malta Employers' Association.

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Any person being an individual, a commercial partnership registered in Malta, a group of companies consisting of two or more commercial partnerships registered in Malta whose control and management is organised as a group), a branch of a company registered outside Malta, a statutory body constituted in terms of Maltese Law or a civil partnership constituted in terms of Maltese Law who is an employer and has accepted the principles, objects and rules of the Association may be admitted to membership of the Association.

read more Latest News Social Welfare Standards - Codes of Conduct and Practice
The Code of Conduct and Practice for Social Service Workers and Code of Conduct and Practice for Employers of Social Service Workers were initially launched for consultation by the Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity on the 27th September 2006. read more...
MEA's Position on Extended Maternity Leave
This paper sets out the position of the Malta Employers¡¯ Association on the proposed extension of maternity leave as announced in the budget speech for 2012. read more...
'A Business as Usual Budget' - MEA - Tuesday, November 15, 2011
The MEA described the National budget for 2012 as a 'business as usual budget', in the sense that it contains a spread of economic and social measures affecting numerous sectors of Maltese society, but lacks any substantial initiatives to stimulate economic activity. read more...
Micro Business Employers
The next training seminars as part of the MEA's capacity building programme for micro business employers will be held on 29 and 30 November 2011. read more...
MEA Proposals for Budget 2012
Download the Proposals
MEA TV Programme: Ghaxar Minuti
We are in the process of producing the TV programme: Ghaxar Minuti, which will start next Monday 3rd October. read more...
MEA elects Officers Group
During their last Council meeting, the Malta Employers' Association have elected the officers group. The president is Mr Joshua Zammit. read more...
MEA's reaction to National Budget 2011
The MEA described the budget as having fiscal consolidation as a major priority. The budget is an attempt to reconcile the necessity to reduce the fiscal deficit to the criteria set by ECOFIN while simultaneously trying to introducing numerous targeted micro-initiatives to achieve its fiscal targets without slowing down the economy. read more...
ESF 4.86 'CB4MicBEs'
The MEA in partnership with the ETC, the Ministry of Finance, the Economy & Investment and RKW the German Centre for Productivity and Innovation, has been awarded funding under Cohesion Policy 2007 - 2013 (OP II - ESF) Structural Funds for a project entitled 'CB4MicBEs' Capacity Building for Equipping and Representing Micro Business Employers'. read more...
MEA proposes an Energy Pact for year 2011 - 2015 - Wednesday, January 13, 2010
The Malta Employers¡¯ Association stated that all social partners needed to be united in purpose to agree on an Energy Pact that will establish how energy prices will be determined over the period 2011 ¨C 2015 read more...
Report on Survey: Impact of COLA on Employers in Times of Recession
Over the past weeks, the Malta Employers¡¯ Association has conducted a survey among its members to assess the impact of the COLA on business and employment. read more...
Talking Point: Automatic Destablisation - Friday, July 10, 2009
As an open economy, Malta is very much exposed to the effects of global developments and most companies are being affected by the contraction of the global economy resulting from the international recession. read more...
Union Recognition Issue: MEA condemns industrial actions taken by the GWU - Thursday, April 09, 2009
The MEA insists that employers should never end up the victims of disputes between unions on recognition issues. This statement was made as a reaction to the decision taken by the GWU to resort to industrial actions following the outcome of the verification exercise among the port workers. read more...
The MEA proposes Measures to Mitigate effect of International Recession - Wednesday, January 28, 2009
The MEA has proposed a set of measures for Government to reduce the negative impact of the economic recession that is affecting numerous companies in various sectors of the economy, particularly in manufacturing and tourism. read more...
What Employers Want: The Greater Good
The report on energy tariffs that was presented at the MCESD has made the pre-budget document - on which the social partners were to base their proposals for the national budget - irrelevant. read more...
Living with increases in Energy Prices, July 2008
Discussion document submitted by the Malta Employers' Association to the MCESD read more...
MEA Memorandum to Political Parties
The Malta Employers' Association submitted its Memorandum to Political Parties. read more...
Paper on Labour Mobility
Download the paper on Labour Mobility presented by Mr Joseph Farrugia, Director General of the Malta Employers' Association at the SIMA Conference held on 1, 2, 3 March 2007 in Lisbon. read more...
Strategy for tourism (II) - Golf Courses in Venice - by Joe Farrugia - Thursday, September 28, 2006
One of the proposals the Malta Employers' Association made in a bid to boost Malta's image abroad is to publicise its colourful maritime history, which few countries, if any, can claim to have. Malta also has the perfect stage to project this image, namely the majestic Grand Harbour. Ask any tourist who visits Malta on cruise a liner and s/he will vouch that the Grand Harbour is unmatched by any other harbour visited. read more...
Tourism opportunities I - Medical tourism: What prospects? by Joe Farrugia - Wednesday, May 31, 2006
In its recommendations to the National Reform Programme, the Malta Employers' Association fielded various proposals related to upgrading the tourism product and developing new ideas to penetrate new market segments to ensure the survival and growth of this crucial industry for Malta. One of the recommendations in this report was to establish Malta as a centre for health and medical tourism. read more...
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