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curaqunov 20.06.2012 | 11:21
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<p>How many times does it happen that your AC stops functioning properly and you don&rsquo;t get the time or opportunity to call the technician and get it fixed? Not so seldom. It is a common problem today where people are busy with their jobs or otherwise. However, for certain minor problems with your air conditioner, you need not always call the technician to fix it. You can always do it yourself if you have some basic knowhow about the working of your air conditioner. Here we have tried to give you a brief idea about what to do in case of certain malfunctioning of your AC.<br /><br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Desired cooling is not achieved: Sometimes just a bit of cleaning can do the trick in case an AC is running but not giving the desired cooling. Firstly, make sure to switch off the power supply to the AC from the main circuit board. Now, remove any external debris or weed growth from the condenser. Then remove the protective grills carefully, so as to not make any wire loose and clean the fins with a brush. Then you can spray the inside unit with a hose, but you should be careful about covering the motor and the wirings properly with plastic bags. You can also add some lubrication to the motor. This should do the trick and put your AC back on track. If the problem persists, you might need to change the coolant and for that you should contact the technician.<br /><br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; AC not turning ON: First of all, make sure that the thermostat setting is proper. Next, check the main circuit board for any tripped circuits or blown fuses. If any, replace them and try switching ON your AC again. Also check that the furnace power switch is ON and that the switch to the outdoor condenser is switched ON as well. If everything is in order and still the AC is not switching on, check the thermostat. In case there is a problem with the thermostat, call the service agency to repair or replace your thermostat.<br /><br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Room temperature dropping too low: If the room temperature drops much below the thermostat setting, then there is a high probability that the thermostat is not calibrated properly and it is advised that you get a professional to come and calibrate your thermostat properly.<br /><br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Pooling of water near the AC: This might be due to leakage in the water drain tubes or a blockage in the path of the water. If any tube is leaking it can be easily replaced. Check whether the condensate pump is working properly by putting water onto the pan. If it is damaged or broken, get it repaired or replaced.<br /><br /><br />These tips will probably help you out with the most common and minor problems with your AC. In case you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, you should get a professional and get your AC repaired.<br /><br />Article sours:</p>


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