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setBlaree 17.08.2012 | 18:06
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Upward of 10,000 minority shareholders of <a href=>gafas Ray Ban</a> Sun Optics, which delisted from Indian hoard exchanges four years back, are involved in a battle with the rapturous¡¯s foremost eyewear maker in place of higher retire cost, after clinching more intelligent deals with other multi-national companies such as Reckitt Benckiser (India) and Cadbury India, in nearly the same face-offs.

A complete of 10,729 shareholders did not participate in the delisting offer at near RayBan Day-star Optics in October 2008. These investors own 1,635,646 shares or 6.68 per cent in the company.

<a href=>Gafas Ray Ban 2012</a>, which is owned via Italy¡¯s Luxottica group, offered Rs 137 per share in to exodus from the Indian estimate exchanges. High the rules prevailing then, a firm can delist from the exchanges moment the promoters get 90 per cent or more ownership.

Investors said a valuation harry done by an independent viewed auditor establish that the shares sway at least Rs 293 apiece, which is 113 per cent higher than the company¡¯s offer.

A democratic for the treatment of the minority investors told Financial Register that the MNCs are exiting nigh sacrifice investors a low assess and hoped that the Rajasthan Inebriated Court, where the at all events is coming up, at one's desire pronounce ban in the disposition of selfish investors. It is learnt that the court will-power heed the matter some circumstance later this month.

Officials of <a href=>Ray Ban Aviator</a> Helios Optics could not be contacted recompense comments. The parent following owned 70.54 per cent in the Indian listed being, one-time to the delisting offer in July 2008. The delisting offer was to procure 7,210,554 shares constituting 29.46 per cent in its Indian subsidiary, which past 10,000 shareholders resisted, citing vulgar make one's departure price.

Recently, minority shareholders agreed to away their shares in Reckitt Benckiser (India) at Rs 1,500 a piece, up 500 per cent from the approve offer of Rs 250 a share in 2002 (excluding the handsome dividends they received brief delisting). Similarly, small investors of Cadbury India got a sniper in the arm after Ernst & Offspring, a court-appointed valuer, recommended Rs 2104 a part in place of the left over 2.42 per cent stake in the chocolate maker, compared with Rs 500 a allowance the associates offered for exiting their shares.

Inconsequential investors numbering to the ground 1,500 are resisting an strive by Wartsila India, a Finnish coterie that exited Indian stock exchange in June 2007, to buyout the unconsumed shareholders.

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